Hi. I’m Andrew.

I'm a failed English teacher, competitive gamer, graphic design student, telemarketer, and focus group leader.

Now I'm on plan F: copywriter.

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A life in emails

akimaded@gmail.com [ACTIVE]
andrew.kim@artsandletters.xyz [INACTIVE]
andrew.kim@wk.com [INACTIVE]
andrew.kim@translationllc.com [INACTIVE]
andrew.kim@grey.com [INACTIVE]
andrew.kim@wk.com [INACTIVE]
akim@rpa.com [INACTIVE]
akim38@inside.artcenter.edu [REVOKED]
kimal@mymail.vcu.edu [REJECTED]


daylight saving is for changing your smoke detector batteries.

addressing the confusing nature of the coin battery

tfw battery

we get a lot of the same question on twitter.

so we respond.

Under Eric Helin, Gary Van Dzura, Stuart Jennings, and Laddie Peterson
With Dan Koo
At Wieden + Kennedy NY

Brought to life by Bewilder (smoke detectors) and The Mill (product :06s)