Hi. I’m Andrew.

I'm a failed English teacher, competitive gamer, graphic design student, telemarketer, and focus group leader.

Now I'm on plan F: copywriter.

hit me up:
click to copyakimaded@gmail.com

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A life in emails

andrew.kim@wk.com [REACTIVATED]
andrew.kim@translationllc.com [INACTIVE]
andrew.kim@grey.com [INACTIVE]
andrew.kim@wk.com [INACTIVE]
akim@rpa.com [INACTIVE]
akim38@inside.artcenter.edu [REVOKED]
kimal@mymail.vcu.edu [REJECTED]

andrew kim. copywriter.


Relaunching a brand as old as Ford.

State Farm

Chris Paul gets an agent that gets him really well. 

Kaiser Permanente

Steph Curry is in this spot.

Duracell Optimum

With both life and power.

And a password. 


I am become @Duracell, destroyer of feeds.


A writer writes lines.
Some make it to London.


A teaser for a car because that’s a thing that you do.


“You belong in a museum.” -Ezreal


A really long window flyer.