Hi. I’m Andrew.

I'm a failed English teacher, competitive gamer, graphic design student, telemarketer, and focus group leader.

Now I'm on plan F: copywriter.

hit me up:
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A life in emails

akimaded@gmail.com [ACTIVE]
andrew.kim@artsandletters.xyz [INACTIVE]
andrew.kim@wk.com [INACTIVE]
andrew.kim@translationllc.com [INACTIVE]
andrew.kim@grey.com [INACTIVE]
andrew.kim@wk.com [INACTIVE]
akim@rpa.com [INACTIVE]
akim38@inside.artcenter.edu [REVOKED]
kimal@mymail.vcu.edu [REJECTED]

andrew kim. copywriter.


Relaunching a brand as old as Ford.

State Farm

Chris Paul gets an agent that gets him really well. 

Kraft Mayo

It's not every day that you get a chance to create a voice for mayo.

Kaiser Permanente

Steph Curry is in this spot.

i'm sorry

there's something we're dying to say


I am become @Duracell, destroyer of feeds.

Duracell Optimum

With both life and power.

And a password. 


A writer writes lines.
Some make it to London.


A teaser for a car because that’s a thing that you do.


“You belong in a museum.” -Ezreal


A really long window flyer.